About Quintina Valero

My name is Quintina. I am a documentary photographer based in London. My work focuses on human rights and humanitarian crisis. I have documented nomadic lives and etcnic groups for several years travellling to the Balkans, Jordan, Egypt, France, Ukraine, Spain and England.  From 2014 I am working on stories about the situation of migrants in Europe. My work has been published at The Guardian, Observer, Sunday Times, El Pais, El Mundo, L'Obs, Internationale, and Thomson Reuters Foundation.

I have extensive experience designing and delivering artistic and educational projects for different ages and backgrounds using photography as a tool for social engagement. 

In 2015 I joined Food of War, a multidisciplinary art collective dedicated to explore the relation between food and war through art. For the 30th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, together with my collective we created an European touring exhibition “Clouded Lands” to raise awareness of the implication of the accident in people and environment. 


LensCulture Emerging Talents Winner 2016. Netherland.
Festival della Fotografia Etica World Report Award 2016: Documenting Humanity Master Award finalist. Italy
Festival della Fotografia Etica World Report Award 2016: Documenting Humanity European photographer of the year finalist. Italy
Scholarship Albarracin Photography and Journalism 2016, Spain.


Festival della Fotografia Etica
Life after Chernobyl
Lodi, Italy (Oct 16)

International Peace Bureau World Conference
Clouded Lands - 30 years Chernobyl
Berlin - Germany (Sep 16)

Mystetskiy Arsenal Museum
Clouded Lands - 30 years Chernobyl
Ukraine (May 2016)
Group Show

Hundred Year Gallery
Photomonth 2015  
African's Last Colony: 40 Years Not Forgotten
London UK (Nov 2015)
Group Show

Launch of Food of War Collective 
London UK (Nov 2015)
Group Show

Goodesses of Western Sahara
London UK (February 2014)
Group Show

Bolivar Hall
Gypsies in Europe
London, UK (March 2010)

Group Show

Metropolitan University
Western Sahara refugee camps
London, UK (February – March 2008)
Group Show

Rich Mix Cultural Foundation
Western Sahara Festival
London, UK (October – November 2007)
Group Show

Shepherds Bush Studios
Life in the refugee camps in Western Sahara
London, UK (November – December 2006)
Solo Exhibition